The Virtual Sticker Wall

The Virtual Sticker Wall

Stickers rock.  I love getting stickers from my YouTube friends, and I love giving them out too.  Sticker trading is a tradition as old as syphilis, so let’s do some swapping.

Er….of stickers.  You can keep your syphilis mouth to yourself.

Have you sent me a sticker?  Are we virtual friends?  Your sticker should be on this wall.  Send me a sticker and I will take a pic of it and put it here and link to your channel or website.  Your sticker will also get a cherished spot in my shop.

Al’s Hack Shack
Al just started his channel and is a super nice guy. If you have recently have been bitten by the DIY bug, check out Al and join him on his new journey.

Sxott Knives
Sxott is a close friend whom I have known the majority of my life. As kids, we rode BMX bikes together, and now as we have grown older we bond over making interesting things with our hands. We still have our bikes in case we need to stretch the muscles.