Sony A58 DSLR as my backup camera

6.5 My Rating
  • Trusted Sony name
  • Smaller frame
  • Old Minolta Lens (read: cheap) will fit
  • Touch screen lock on focus
  • Screen does not flip around fully
  • Too small for my big hands
  • Proprietary hot shoe is annoying
Great electronics for the budget minded, but not quite as good as my Canon 70d
Easy to Use
Reasonibly priced
Would Recommend

I used this camera as my primary camera for a long time. Initially I used for photography and it was a great fit. Then I started getting into video more and it still functioned for that, albeit not as well as I would have hoped. I continually pined for a Canon and eventually was lucky enough to buy one used, and this camera was suddenly used as a backup camera and now spends most of it’s time in retirement.
The camera was nice, and took great pictures and video, especially when you paired it with a quality lens. Speaking about glass, one of the cooler aspects of this camera is you can buy old Minolta lenses on ebay for cheap and they mount right up due to sharing the same A mount. This will save you loads of money and allow you to buy a ton of nifty old lenses.

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20.1 MP Exmor HD APS sensor with 5 FPS shooting
Translucent Mirror Technology accelerates AF performance
1080/60i/24p Full HD or 1080/30p MP4 movies w/ Quick AF
Lock-on AF for even easier focusing of moving subjects
SVGA OLED True-Finder optimizes eye-level framing


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