Skylab – Three Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for GoPro

2.6 My Rating
  • Lowest cost of the 3 axis stabilizers I could find.
  • Smooth pans, tilts, everything
  • Good amount of metal, not plastic
  • MUST removed your external lcd screen
  • MUST have camera installed when turned on
  • Overall feels a bit sketchy
It's cheap, so there's that.
Easy to Use
Reasonibly priced
Would Recommend

I've always wanted to have panning or tracking or slicker shots in my videos and the next progression for me was to find a 3 axis gimbal I could afford. I shjoped around a long time and came to the conclusion a full sized DSLR gimbal was not in my budget, so I had to fall back to a GoPro gimbal and had this shipped to my house for roughly 120$ via ebay.

I've used it in 2 videos now and it did what it advertised on the box, albeit with plenty of caveats. The main one being that it is precisely balanced and setup to only work with a GoPro attached to it and nothing more. No extra battery pack, no LCD screen, no external mic, nothing. That's somewhat of a bummer because of how helpful it is to be able to see what you are shooting, but in the case of this camera you simply have to point the pens in the right direction and hope for the best. The GoPro records with such a wide angle it's really not an issue, but it was a let down for me nevertheless.

When unboxing this you will be tempted to immediately turn it on, which any 40 year old with a child like brain would do as well, but doing so has a high probability of breaking it instantly since it does not have the weight of the GoPro to prevent it from jiggling widely out of control. I was lucky and mine did not shake itself to peices, but many peopel on Amazon reviews mentioned this issue with a sad face afterwards and a useless broken gimbal.

Overall when setup and the rules are followed the device is smooth and usability is moderately good. I tend to only bust it out for special situations or shots and leave it in my gadget cabinet for most of it's life. If you are trying to decide if it's worth it–only if you have nothing else to blow 120 bucks on in my opinion.

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