Joby tripod made popular by Casey Neistat

7.3 My Rating
  • -Tastes great
  • -Less filling
  • -Easy to use, reliable.
  • Slightly expensive on the high end models
  • Little slippy at times
  • Everybody uses them in the YouTube industry
Good, sturdy, reliable tripod for all the movers and shakers who do video work.
Easy to Use
Reasonibly priced
Would Recommend

I feel like at this point wee have all seen Casey Neistat using this tripod to do his daily vlogs. He is the reason I looked up these style of tripods years ago, and they really are the best option for small time video producers.
That being said, I don't like to follow the crowd and I like to find my own path. I picked up a similar tripod, some may say a clone, to tryout. I wanted something slightly different, because I know when I am out and I see somebody with a camera on top of a Joby, I think “Oh this guy/girl is copying Casey.”

I used this little guy for about 3 months. The price was slightly less than a Joby and instead of ball hinges it has smooth joints which I imagine might be good if I needed to jam it into my picket or something unusual.

What a mistake.

The ball head with it broke almost immediately so I swapped it with one of these, which required modifications to work. I don't mind that, but even after all the customization work, the legs slid a lot, I had a hard time making them move how I wanted and in a few short moths one of the legs simply bent right off. Like when you bend a coat hanger back and forth a few times the wire breaks.

Lesson learned. I now have a Joby and life is good.

Being different is good. It's how we distinguish ourselves from each other. It's what drives commerce. It's why we are not all twins. It's why there are 341 varieties of BBQ sauce at the grocery store, but sometimes you just want the stuff that tastes exactly how you want. The Joby tastes exactly how I want.

What the hell am I even talking about?

Anyhow, the Joby is fantastic. It screwed right into my ball head, came with both sizes of screw and I was off and running in seconds. The cool part about Joby that differentiates itself from other companies is the fact that the individual balls on the legs are just that. Joints. There is nothing running from the top to the bottom inside the legs. Each ball is a joint that can pop out if it takes too much stress. The crappy tripod I was talking about earlier had a wire running up each leg, and in time the wire just failed. Junk.

Buy a Joby if you need a small, very handy tripod on the go.

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