GoPro Hero Black

7 My Rating
  • Small
  • Loads of accessories
  • Moderately easy to use
  • Battery life stinks
  • Could be easier to use
  • Microphones are only useful for video syncing
  • Always fisheyed
  • 4K framerate is low
Nice little cameras for down and dirty work and unusual angles.
Easy to Use
Reasonibly priced
Would Recommend

I have a few of these for long time lapse captures as well as situations when I need a camera in a really tight spot.  Mine are GoPro 4’s so they are a few generations back but still take a quality video.  GoPros are great for capturing a wide angle of space.  All said these are nice little cameras for down and dirty work.  Their mounting system is a mixed bag for me.  Sometimes it’s helpful, sometimes it’s an annoyance since I also have a lot of standard mounts for my DSLRs.

If I had to buy them again however, I’m not sure if I would.  I might lean more towards the GoPro Session for my unusual or difficult shots.  I would not use them for a primary camera however.

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