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of my favorite things ????

People always ask me, What is that tool?” or “What was that thing you used that time?” or “What camera do you use?” You can find all that info here. Convenient right?

On a related note, I have purchased everything on this page at least once myself. Nothing was donated or given to me in exchange for anything. This is why I’m broke. 🙂


Video Cameras & Lenses

My camera gear continually evolves, just like my shop, but this is some of the stuff I am using right now.

Video accessories

You can’t shoot video with a camera alone. The best part is these accessories and tripods will end up costing you more than the camera. Fun right?

go pro gimbal for diyMATT

DC motors & parts

The different parts and accessories used to convert your tools over to DC motors.

Do some scavenging

Many of these parts can be harvested from old treadmills. Check out Craigslist or Facebook market and you will see free ones pop up from time to time.

treadmill dc motors for diymatt

Yep, they are affiliate links.

Many of the links above are what’s called affiliate links. When you click on one, the company gives me a very small commission if you purchase an item. When I say small, I mean SMALL! Under a dollar in most cases. No matter, it all adds up and by using affiliate links I can continue to make fun content and not do fake reviews or sponsored ads or any of that stuff we all hate. So do it. Do it for the children. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!