Upgrading the headlights in a 2005 Polaris GEM LSV

I am in the process of upgrading the heck out of my GEM and bring it up to today’s technology. One of the big things on my list was to convert the many light bulbs in the car to LED. I can do this in a conventional car pretty quickly and cheaply, but the GEM, as usual, is another story. The oval headlights are sealed and if you pry and fuss you can get the old bulbs out, but everything feels cheap and brittle and old. FInding a proper replacement bulb that was the right size was also too difficult to mess with, so I went another direction.

I bought entirely new housings.

I bought these from Amazon, and they shipped from China so it took ages, but the price made it worth the wait.

Let it be known however these are not a direct replacement per-se. They are oval, and very very close, but there is still a minor gap at the top and bottom. I filled mine with Sugru to fill the small void and used black to make sure it looked good. I also had to customize the brackets to make them fit, but it wasn’t anything terribly complicated. Nothing a little vice grips and some thinking can’t resolve.

The light is substantially brighter, whiter and safer. If you have ever seen somebody with a lightbar you know the power of these types of LED lights.

Now I need to just figure out how to improve the turn signals and other assorted lights.

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