How I Make Money

How I Make Money Making Videos

Short story short. I don’t.

I work a full time job during the day to support my family and fund all the weird crap I do on my channel and website.  I’d love to be able to do YouTube full time but there isnt’t enough dough in it for me. With the amount of subscribers I have and the amount of views I typically get, a paycheck form YouTube is pretty light.  Last year it was $17 for all of 2016.  Tough way to earn a living right?  The Casey Neistats and big names all have the big time exposure to do YouTube full time, but to make the leap from doing a video every few weeks to doing 2 videos a week is next to impossible for most people.  Even some of your industry niche favorites like Jimmy DiResta do a fair amount of contract work as well as partnerships with major brands.  Where does that leave the small guy like me?  In a weird limbo.

Dude, get that money from manufacturers.

Making videos specifically for the expressed purpose of getting free stuff from companies is not my schtick.  When companies do this, it makes it hard for the little guy like me to turn it down.  We don’t have loads of budget for new gear, we don’t get a lot of new gear very often, and when we do it makes for great content for a new video.  On the down side however, I am not a review channel, I am not here to pimp out stuff that companies send me and if I do go down that path it changes the entire flavor of my channel.  Sure, it would be fun to be gifted a very expensive laser cutter or CNC machine, but I am all about motivating people to do things themselves, not watch me learn a new skillset while they are stuck with their old Skill saw.  Besides, nobody likes the guy/girl that talks incessantly about <this tool they received free>.   It feels disingenuous.  Especially in this day and age of product placement and reality tv.

“Oh, he’s that guy that won’t stop talking about MegaPowerToolX and how much he likes it.”  

Thats not my idea of how it should work.  Sure, I’ll take a a freebee here and there, but it won’t be featured on my channel, it won’t be touted as the next best thing to sandwiches and it won’t be the focus of my channel.


How does a guy like me go from small time YouTube guy to a frequent content producer?

I wish I had that answer.  These are some of the solutions I like.


I think Patreon is doing a lot of cool things for people like me.  With Patreon you can kick money directly to me because you enjoy my content.  This way you don’t have to see advertisements on my site, shill videos or 30 second ad spots in the middle of my videos.  I don’t really have my Patreon page fully fleshed out yet, but in the coming year I think this will be a great way for you to support me very easily.

Affiliate links

Many of the links on the site are what’s called affiliate links. When you click on one, the company, (be it ebay or Amazon or others), give  me a very small commission if you purchase an item. When I say small, I mean SMALL! It ranges from a few cents to maybe a dollar if I am lucky.  No matter, it all adds up and by using affiliate links I can continue to make fun content and not do fake reviews or sponsored ads or any of that stuff we all hate.  You are buying the part anyhow, and I showed you where to get it with zero research.  We both win.

Like, Comment and Subscribe

If you don’t like any of those options the most powerful way you can support me is totally free.  Liek my videos, subscribe to my channel and share them on social media like Facebook or Pinterest.  The more you share my content, the more exposure I get and the more exposure I get the more YouTube knows I am serious.

Seriously, the best way to support me is to just share my videos around.  Who knew the easiest and most effective thing is free?