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Canon EF-S 55-250mm F4-5.6 IS STM Lens (refurbished)

I’ve always wanted a nice lens that has some reach to it, but they are always so expensive. Recently one of the ways I found a way around this limitation is to buy a refurbished, or even a grey market lens. Refurbished just means the manufacturer cleaned some used ones up and cannot sell them as brand new. Refurbished stuff is great because it is almost always “like new” and much cheaper.

Grey market stuff is even cooler. This is usually gear that is not sold in the US for one reason or another. Licensing, warranties, etc. That’s fine by me. Since it’s form Amazon, I just send it back if it’s not in good shape.

This lens is great for when the camera is pretty far away but i want a nice tight shot. You can get a nice DOF as well if you place yourself close to the camera, but keep your background far away.

It’s very important to get an STM lens if you are buying for a Canon. The STM means it has some sort of fancy stepper motor inside the lens which virtually eliminates autofocus noise. I struggled with that noise on cheap lenses for quite some time and it was aggravating as heck. Go STM for sure.

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