I bought a Polaris GEM and I’m going to upgrade it

I have always wanted a GEM. They are all electric vehicles that were made in the early 2000s. PErfect for neighborhood runs and groceries and stuff within the range of your house. I finally found one within my price range and now it's time to ...

I made a music station/cabinet thing out of a cheap bookcase & a church door

My house was in need of someplace to put all of our music makin' machines and this task was long overdue. I wanted someplace to put a record player, records, a nice radio, maybe an 8-track player and something bluetooth-y like a simple ...

I review 4 portable garage heaters & try not to fall asleep & die.

I tested out four popular portable heating solutions from Amazon and tell you about the pros and cons of each one. I settle on the most dangerous option of course.

I converted my Nissan Quest into a #battlevan

Why drive a mini-van to the store, when you can drive a min-van with off-road tires, a roof-rack and some attitude? Let me show you how I built it.